Free training for new Under 10 players announced for the 2022/23 season

The Invicta Juniors are delighted to announce that its hugely successful initiative to offer free fees to new Under 10 players will continue into the 2022/23 season.

The offer is applicable to Under 10s playing in their first season with Invicta and have not previously been registered with any other UK ice hockey club. Players will need to register with the EIHA, which costs £30, but all training and matches will be completely free for the player’s first season. Following seasons will incur the usual monthly training fees.

“Invicta Junior Ice Hockey Club’s dedication to junior hockey in Kent starts with our unsurpassed commitment to our Under 10s team,” says Club Secretary James Steadman. “It is usually the first team that a prospective player will join and begin their amazing journey in ice hockey and all the personal benefits that come with it. The Under 10s are the lifeblood of our club.”

The initiative began in 2019/2020 and has been crucial in bolstering the Under 10 Buckaroos, meaning that the Invicta Juniors have a strong base for the future.

“At the start of the 2019/20 season, we had seen a lot of our Buckaroos move up to the Under 12 Stampede and we only had 7 registered players,” says Under 10s manager Tom Hoggins. “But with the help of the free training, we have had a fantastic groundswell of new players over the past few years. As this season finishes we now have around 40 Under 10s out there at training. And the number keeps growing. They have made a fantastic team, made some good friends and are improving week on week.”

The majority of the new Under 10s are graduates of Planet Ice Gillingham’s Hockey Excellence course, which is coached by club volunteers. For players to join Invicta Under 10s training, the Club simply requires players to be able to move unaided on the ice and be comfortable holding a hockey stick. Invicta encourages any player interested in joining the team to check its guide to starting hockey here. You can also contact the club using the form at the bottom of the page or emailing The Under 10 Buckaroos management team can be reached directly at

The Under 10 Buckaroos train at Planet Ice Gillingham on Thursday nights, 6pm - 7pm and play in four-team ‘cross-ice’ tournaments against teams across the South of England. Scores are not recorded and the aim of Under 10s hockey is to develop key skating skills, get comfortable on the puck and, most importantly, have fun. So why not get the puck moving now to be ready to pull on the Invicta jersey when the new season begins in August.