Junior Jets Host U9 Roos at the Hangar

February 3, 2019

The Under 9 Invicta Roos travelled to the Hanger, the home of the Under 9 Slough Junior Jets, on Sunday 3rd February for a cross-ice tournament, facing the hosts, the Haringey Hounds and Streatham. This fixture was the first of three weekend’s back to back tournaments for the Roos.

The Slough Jets were Invicta’s first opposition of the day. Zack Beale was quick off the mark after face-off and made an impressive run and made a powerful attempt at goal, which unfortunately was pushed wide by the Slough netminder. Slough were quick to react and shot just above the pipes. Slough kept the pressure on with some good runs and managed to slip one past Charlie Duncan Woolard’s glove. Beale used his speed and made another run up the left, but his shot was saved. The pace of the game remained high tempo with both teams pushing forward and defending well. Annie East defended and took possession of the puck but her pass to Aurora Dobbs was intercepted and Slough made another attempt at goal which Duncan-Woolard managed to save. Scarlet Sanders and Nicholas Pera Hall both made bursts from the halfway line but both shots were saved The Roos continued to dominate and Alicia Offord sent a great pass to Ellis Hill who hit the pipes. With a line change, Harry Foreman wasted no time, skating quickly on and scooped up the loose puck, turned and managed to find the back of the net. A flurry of Invicta passing ensued with Foreman linking up with Annie East and Xenxo Dobbs. Unfortunately, Xenxo’s slap shot went wide. Pera-Hall and Sanders continued to make runs but were not able to get one past the Slough tendie. James Stanmore took the puck up the wing and managed to secure the Roos a goal. Offord helped keep Slough at bay with solid defending and Duncan-Woolard denied Slough with some great saves. Beale and Xenxo Dobbs scored a few more goals between them and Slough also managed to sneak one past Duncan-Woolard.


Streatham were the Roos’ next opponents. Streatham took control early on and dominated the first few minutes of the game. Duncan-Wollard made great saves but Streatham were undeterred and persevered, finally managing to open up the scoring. The Roos, slightly fazed by the pace of the game, soon found their feet and Stanmore lead the attack, unfortunately, Streatham saved. The girls were persistent and East and Sanders both made runs towards the goal but were denied with the Streatham goalie making comfortable saves. Streatham moved quickly on the break and were again successful with an accurate shot. Albie East worked well with his team mates and made a burst up the right but unfortunately his attempt was also saved. Invicta were unlucky when a miss-timed pass saw Streatham take possession and score. Invicta regrouped and the Streatham’s goalie saved a barrage of accurate shots from Stanmore, Xenxo Dobbs, Aurora Dobbs, Annie East and Pera-Hall. It seemed it just wasn’t the Roos’ day. Aurora Dobbs sent a pass to Foreman who had his shot forced wide. Stanmore’s next attempt went sailing above the pipes. The last few minutes of the game saw Stanmore and Aurora Dobbs even up the tally with some great goals.


The last cross-ice tournament game of the day saw the Roos face the Haringey hounds. Duncan-Woolard made an early save and passed to Stanmore who took the puck up the left wing and scored. Albie East worked well with Sanders and Pera-Hall to keep Haringey at bay. Beale and Ellis Hill worked well together, moving the puck nicely up the ice and giving the Haringey defence the run around. Unfortunately, the duo’s attempts at goal were forced wide and saved by the Haringey goalie. The Roos battled on and Harry Foreman intercepted the puck and his shot was forced wide. His next shot was on target and found the back of the net. The game continued with Duncan-Woolard blocking and saving everything that came his way. Foreman added to his tally and Sanders scored her first Invicta goal! Well done Scarlett! Hill made some impressive attempts but was denied each time. Aurora Dobbs was denied as the puck was cleared off the line. Albie East’s attempt was the last shot of the game but was forced wide.


It had been a good day for the Roos and a great display of hockey. Nicholas Pera-Hall was awarded Man of the Match for the day and Scarlett Sanders was given the Spirit of the Match award.


Tournament gallery below:



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