U9 Roos Flying High After Visit to Slough's Hangar

February 17, 2019

The Under 9 Invicta Roos travelled to Slough on Sunday 17th February for their 3rd consecutive weekend of cross-ice tournaments. A very short-benched Streatham was helped out by Oliver Banks, Isabella Atkins, William Lake, Harry Innes and Harry Atkins, who was making his debut.

Invicta faced Streatham first with Harry Foreman wasting no time at all and scoring an astounding goal. Callum Wilson followed up with a quickfire goal that left the Streatham goalie standing. The Roos continued their attack with James Stanmore’s shot hitting the bar and Zack Beale also putting the tendie under immense pressure with his accurate shot. Taylor Edwards saw his wrist shot sail neatly into the top right-hand corner of the net. Jacob O’Dwyer took possession of the puck and also added to the Roos’ tally. More goals came from Stanmore, Wilson, Foreman, Edwards and Annie East. Charlie Duncan-Woolard had a quiet game as the Roos’ defence continued to drive away any threats. The Roos used their domination of the game and kept possession with accurate passing, including a precisely timed pass from Ellis Hill to Zack Beale who scored.


The Roos faced the hosts for the day, the Under 9 Slough Jets, next and spurred on from their earlier performance, Jacob O’Dwyer opened proceedings with a powerful shot that the Slough goalie moved quickly and saved the shot. Nicholas Pera-Hall also made a great effort that forced the Slough netminder to smother the puck. Hill passed to Xenxo Dobbs who was waiting in the centre who slap shoted towards goal. Again, the Slough goalie made a great save, keeping the Roos at bay. Pera-Hall remained unyielding in defence and passed to Aurora Dobbs who shot wide. Hill found the rebound and also shot wide. Duncan-Woolard was called upon to make a few saves but the Roos soon took control. O’Dwyer hit the bar and Xenxo Dobbs shot wide, whilst Hill and Aurora Dobbs also made great runs but were unable to break the Slough netminder’s composure. A Slough forward made a super-fast run and scored after a quick line change. Unrelenting, the Roos gathered pace and closed ranks as Pera-Hall passed to Xenxo Dobbs who shot wide. Edwards passed to Alicia Offord who passed to Annie East who was unable to break the Slough defence. Aurora Dobbs quickly passed to Pera-Hall who assisted Hill with a wondrous goal. More great passing ensued with Wilson passing to Stanmore who was forced wide. O’Dwyer tried again but the shot went over the tendie’s head. Offord passed again to O’Dwyer who was unlucky again. It was Pera-Hall that scored the last game of the game with a great deke that thwarted the goalie. It had been an exciting and fast paced game to watch!


The last game of the day saw Invicta face Haringey. The Roos continued with gusto and Wilson scored, placing the puck in the bottom left-hand corner. Haringey kept focus and pushed the Roos’ defence, causing Duncan-Woolard to make a save. Hill then passed to Stanmore who was unable to find the space needed and lost possession. Foreman made a break and manoeuvred up the left to sail the puck into the back of the net. Invicta held possession as Stanmore passed to Hill who passed to Beale who was unable to secure the goal. Annie East passed to Edwards who hit the pipe. Offord stayed back to defend and passed the puck to Beale who was also unlucky. Stanmore hit his last effort of the game sending the puck flying into the top right-hand corner. Annie East, Edwards, Xenxo Dobbs and Aurora Dobbs worked together but were unsuccessful as Edwards shot wide. It had been a great visit to Slough and the Roos played with great spirit and enthusiasm.


Zack Beale took home the award for the Man of the Match for the day and Harry Foreman bagged Spirit of the Game. Well done lads!

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