Are you ready to hit the ice with the Invicta Juniors? Once you have been invited to join your age group at training sessions, or if you are an existing player signing on for a new season, there is some admin to deal with. Sorry about that! All players need to be registered with the English Ice Hockey Association each season and sign their photography consent forms. And as a club we require players to complete our internal medical forms and sign the Code of Conduct that both Juniors and their parents must agree and adhere to. This is for insurance purposes, on-ice safety and the successful running of the club. Here is everything you need to get signed on.



Please complete and pay for your EIHA registration using the EIHA’s online form. The full registration fee for Under 10s is £30 for the season, while for all other age groups the fee is £65. The vast majority of players will sign up with ‘full registration’ to be eligible to play in EIHA-sanctioned games. In some cases –where players are not expecting to play games– there may be a need for either ‘Learn to Play’ or ‘Insurance Only’ registrations. Please check with your team manager if you think the latter two options are more appropriate or if you have any other questions relating to EIHA registration.



At the outset of each season, the club requires all players (regardless of EIHA registration status) to fill in medical forms, contact details and agree to our code of conduct for players, parents and guardians. We also ask for consent for photography and filming for players to appear on our website and social media. All the forms you need can be downloaded by hitting the button below. They can be printed and filled in the old-fashioned way or downloaded and completed digitally. Either way, please return your completed forms to your team manager. Any questions on any of our internal forms can be directed to your team manager. In adherence to GDPR guidelines, all forms held by the club are destroyed at the end of each season or if a player leaves.



Club fees are due every month throughout the season (August to May). We kindly request that parents/players set up a standing order for the 1st of each month in order for prompt payment, but please do talk to your team manager if there is any issue with this. Please note, we do NOT charge our players game day fees. Monthly fees for each age group are listed on their respective team pages and all fees are payable to Planet Ice. Please ask your team manager for details.


Late fees will be chased up by your team manager. Persistent late payment will result in a player not being allowed to train until arrears have been cleared. However, if there are problems with payment in a particular month, please do not hesitate to speak to your team manager. Any correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.