Invicta Junior Ice Hockey Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its players.

All Coaches, Managers and off-ice officials who have regular contact with children are required to subscribe to the Disclosure & Barring System to obtain ‘DBS’ certification.

The Club has appointed a Welfare Officer, who has overall responsibility for all matters relating  to child safeguarding and who specifically will perform the following duties:

  • To act as the first point of contact for the reporting of child safeguarding and protection concerns

  • To assist in the raising of awareness of others at the Club in respect of child protection

  • To be a source of advice and information within the Club

  • To uphold confidentiality, as far as practical, in all child protection matters

  • To liaise with the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) Welfare Office when appropriate.

The acting Invicta Junior Ice Hockey Club Welfare Officer is Jean Stubbins.

If you have any matters that you would like to raise, please email or call 07908126731.


We work closely with the EIHA to ensure that the club adheres to national guidelines when it comes to protecting our players.

For more detailed information on national policy, contacts and documentation you can find more information on the EIHA website's safeguarding page.


This includes codes of conduct that both players and parents must follow, as well as forms required by the club for photography and filing consent and playing up to older age groups.