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Welcome to the Invicta Juniors club shop! Here you can place orders for playing shirts and find links to our merchandise at MyCustomTeamwear.


Every Invicta Junior player will need to purchase our bespoke Young Gun Sports (white) home and (blue) away jerseys in order to play matches. We also offer an optional red training jersey. Shirts are personalised with the player's own name and number. New players will need to select their preferred squad numbers, which run from 1 to 89 (90-98 are reserved for spare club shirts). We ask for three numbers in order of preference and numbers will be allocated subject to availability.


Please fill in the form below to place your jersey order. Shirts cost £30 each and payment can be given to your team manager upon completion of the form. You will also find a sizing guide here.


Hoodies, hats and much, much more! The Invicta Juniors also has its own merchandise store with MyCustomTeamwear. The club asks that all players purchase the blue Juniors hoodie to wear pre-game and when representing the club. But there is a huge selection –from shirts to shorts– for players, parents and guardians to show their support for Invicta. And all pieces are customisable with your player’s number. Hit the button below to visit our online shop. 


Please fill in the fields below and supply payment to your team manager


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Players will also need to purchase a pair of blue Invicta Junior oversocks, which are worn with both home and away jerseys. These are available in store at Gillingham ice rink from club partner The Skate Escape. Or they can be ordered online at Please ask your team manager or in store for more information.