Our thriving Under 10 Buckaroos is for players born in 2013 or later and is geared towards having fun and developing a love for the game of hockey. We have players as young as 5 taking their first strides in the sport.


The Buckaroos play in four team 'cross-ice tournaments' against other ice hockey clubs across the South-East. Two games run concurrently across the width of the rink and scores and stats are NOT recorded. Each of the three games last 22:30 and there are line changes every 90 seconds on a buzzer.


The smaller-scale games for Under 10s are intended to be accessible to players of all abilities, ensuring new players get involved and have more time on the puck or battling for possession. In professional hockey, the majority of play happens in either team's zone in tighter spaces and cross-ice is ideal to teach the technical skills that players will need later in their hockey journey. More importantly – it's a lot of fun!


While hockey is a contact sport at all ages, bodychecking is NOT allowed in the Under 10s.


Team Coaches

Rob Dell & Paul Wallace

Team Managers

Tom Hoggins & Alex Wheater

Contact email invictau10@gmail.com

Training time

Thursdays, 6pm - 7pm

Registration fee £30

Training fees

£30 p/m (free to new players)